Sunday, August 18, 2019

Little by little RecordTV is moving forward with the preparations of Genesis, its new biblical telenovela. Now, the station has just confirmed the first name to be part of the cast of the upcoming production. This is Igor Rickli, ( last seen in Caribbean Flower ) who has starred in several other titles in the religious catalogue of RecordTV.

Igor Rickli

According to information from the journalist, Patrícia Kogut, in her column in the newspaper, O Globo, he will play Lucifer the Devil in the plot that is being developed by Emílio Boechat. The same character existed in the last telenovela, Jesus - played, however, by Mayana Moura.

Rickli is currently on air as the lead character in The Rich and Lazarus , replaying at the same time that will be for Genesis next year . He also played the good guy protagonist of Apocalypse (2018) and the villain of The Promised Land (2016), and made a cameo in the final episodes of Jesus .

Friday, August 9, 2019

Globo inaugurated, on Thursday (8), three new studios, expanding the largest content production complex in Latin America, the Globo Studios, in the West Zone of Rio.
With production and storage sectors, the spaces occupy a total area of ​​26,000 square meters - about four football fields. Between research and works, it took five years to complete the project - called Recording Module 4 (MG4) -, which had an investment of R $ 207 million.
Betting on technological innovation and directed to the dramaturgy, MG4 starts from a concept that foresees the adoption of methods of management and use of resources with great international productions. All three studios are enabled for 4K and 4K HDR formats, for example.

Globo Studio Numbers

  • Total area: 1.73 million m2
  • Total built area (including the 3 new studios): 192 thousand m2
  • 13 recording studios totaling 12,500 m2
  • 15 people circulating daily

Recording Module Numbers 4 (MG4), the 3 new studios

  • 3 new studios with 1,500 m2 each
  • 4,5 thousand m2 of usable area
  • 26 thousand m2 of built area
  • 8m x 6m doors (largest in South America) weighing 10 tonnes each
  • 4,000 m2 outdoor area for integrated recording
  • 2 scenic pits for continuous recording
  • 5 years of project, with work done in 18 months, between 2018 and 2019
  • 500 professionals involved per month on average
  • 4,500 m2 solar plant with generation capacity of 1,05 MM KW in 1st year
  • 700 direct jobs during construction
  • 14 thousand seedlings planted

Wednesday, August 7, 2019


At the end of the year, actors Pérola Faria ( Moses and the Ten Commandments ) and Eri Johnson ( Two Faces - Globo ) will debut in Record TV's end of year special titled O Figurante.

The special, which is a co-production of RecordTV and Casablanca is written by Cacau Higino and Chico Amorim. It will be directed by Ivan Zettel.

O Figurante will be a comedy and will focus on Pérola Faria and Eri Johnson's characters. The reading of the scripts began on Monday.

For now, the order is for one December program only. However, if it is well received by the public, it could become a weekly series on RecordTV.

Friday, August 2, 2019

Friends to the Rescue actor, Duda Nagle, is joining the cast of the Globo telenovela, A Dona do Pedaço.

Duda has been taking some time away from the small screen because he has been taking time to master the art of fatherhood since the birth of his daughter Zoe, with Record TV host, Sabrina Sato, which by the way, is so adorable!

This will be very interesting to watch considering that he will be joining the novela in the role of a boxer ( whose name is Paixão ) a role that he has already done twice: once in Malhação: Pro Dia Nascer Feliz as well as in the FOX series Rio Heroes, where he played an MMA Champion.

According to columnist Patricia Kogut of the newspaper O Globo, Duda won the role to be Rock's rival ( Rock is played by Caio Castro ) in Walcyr Carrasco's novela. Nagle's first scene is scheduled to air on August 13.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Globo Internacional launched a brand new series this month titled Aruanas, which has received worldwide acclaim for dealing with the widely spoken topic of environmental activism.
The series which seeks to create awareness was met with positive reviews on its launch in both London and New York, garnering support from worldwide organizations such as the United Nations - Environmental Programme, Greenpeace, Amnesty International and Interfaith Rainforest Initiative amongst very numerous other organizations.

The production of the series sought to comply with the values presented by the script because 90% of the wardrobe was recycled and re-used.
Aruanas has been made available internationally at the site for 12.90 USD with subtitles in 11 languages for 150 plus countries...
50% of the entire cast was female and 50% of the sales will be donated to the Amazon Rainforest Initiative
In support of this great venture, The Afro-Brazilian Affair will purchase this series next month and create an account on the Aruanas site. We will then share our password with all fans of this page (upon request in our inbox) and anyone who has followed and liked this page can watch the series comfortably.
*Aruanas is an original production of Globo and consists of 10 episodes. It stars Taís AraújoDébora Falabella Leandra Leal Thainá Duarte

Tuesday, June 25, 2019


João Guilherme has decided that it is time to gift the world with the music video of his new single  Mapa Astral, another testament to his budding music career.

The song shows off his well-co-ordinated vocals alongside the amazing Ana Gabriela, whose voice gave the track the touch it required...

Need I say more? The music video was directed by Filipe Nevares and you can watch it below...


Saturday, May 25, 2019

Maisa Silva lit up Instagram, where she has 23 million followers, with a very engaging look.

In a printed jacket and pantyhose, the teen star and presenter of Programa Da Maisa caused a stir and was highly praised.

"Thank you for the incredible energy you all sent me, it made my day all the more happier!" She wrote in the comments.

Maisa celebrated her birthday on Wednesday and turned 17 years old!

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