Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Friends to the Rescue actress, Larissa Manoela, who plays Manuela and Isabela, released a new jam, Desencosta, 2 days ago.

The pop single was written by Wallace Vianna, Breder, André Vieira and was released under the label which Larissa is signed to, Deckdisc

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Friday, January 18, 2019

Monday 21st January, marks the premiere of long awaited Super Series, Hidden Truths, on Nina Novelas.

Hidden Truths/Verdades Secretas. Photo Source: Globo/Nina Novelas

The Super Series, spanning 50 episodes, won the International Emmy Award for "Best Telenovela" in 2016, worldwide.

Written by Walcyr Carrasco, the show recounts lavish lifestyle, passion and deception, and immense R-rated intrigue. 

Arlete dreams of becoming a model and once sha bags the opportunity to be one, under the outwardly posh but deceptive Fanny Richards, she is thrilled, and even gets an artistic name for her modelling, as Angel - up until she discovers that Fanny's models are also contracted into luxury prostitution and despite her disgust at the lifestyle, is Angel needs the money to help her family - most especially her grandmother.

When Fanny contracts Angel with multi billionaire tycoon Alex, they share a burning passion that makes him obsessed with her. He is willing to do anything for her except marry her...

Cold and indifferent, Angel lives a tumultuous passion with him, and he decides to do the unthinkable - marry Carolina, Angel's mother in a sick bid to keep Angel near her. As mother and daughter are to pitted towards each other in a cycle so sick, yet lustful, will Angel manage to conquer the odds?

Written by acclaimed Brazilian writer Walcyr Carrasco, Hidden Truths stars Camila Queiroz as Arlete/Angel this being her first ever lead role in a Super Series. Accompanying her is heart-throb India-A Love Story actor, Rodrigo Lombardi, Reynaldo Gianecchini (Shades of Sin), Drica Moraes, Grazi Massafera (Caribbean Flower) and Marietta Severo. 

Hidden Truths will air Mondays through Fridays at 8.30 p.m. East African time on Nina Novelas.

Hidden Truths (DVD)

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Episode 120

Otávio finds an unconscious Isabela (thinking it is Manuela) and picks her up. He takes her to the car and after taking some of the logs blocking the road away, he drives off quickly, telling her to hang on.

Rebecca begins to cry a lot when he brings "Manuela" (Isabela) home. Navarro and Vargas observe everything that is happening and tells Geraldo everything. Geraldo orders his henchmen to get the girl out of the Village anyway. Manuela's family ends up calling a doctor and he says the girl has suffered some trauma and needs plenty of rest.

Nina suggests doing a Thanksgiving service for Manuela's return and the news begins to spread among the villagers. Mateus calls the Vaz siblings and tells them what happened.Otávio  also tells Lurdinha about what happened. 

Regina tells Geraldo that as soon as things calm down she will go to the village. Frederico who is happy about the news of the return of "Mini Spring Flower" decides that he is feeling inspired enough to start a new collection and tells it to everyone, including Safira who suddenly gets very agitated upon hearing that Rebeca has found her daughter. 

Episode 121

Helena catches the attention of Pedro, who does not want to participate in the party of the return of Manuela by being jealous of Otávio, who found the girl.

Joaquim, Felipe and Julia get a ride to get out of the woods and return to the city. Everyone from the village goes to Rebeca's house to celebrate the return of Manuela, who is actually Isabela.

Navarro and Vargas observe everything in the Village. Geraldo and Regina talk about what happened after being warned by the henchmen.

Safira is annoyed at the news of Rebeca's daughter being back, believing that now there will be no obstacles for Otávio ​​to marry Rebecca. Fortunato comes to ON-Enterprise to see Safira.
He asks to come back home and Safira tells him that this will not happen and that she does not want to see his face anymore.

Rebeca asks Manuela (Isabela) if she is okay. The girl tells her not to get too close to her.

Téo, Doris, and Mateus  are surprised by Manuela's distraught and distant behavior, for when they were in the woods she was very communicative. Rebeca tells Otávio, Helena and Nina that Manuela is very blunt and Rebeca claims to be worried about her.

Alone, Isabela says she can not get involved with Rebeca, because she abandoned her and loves only Manuela.Otávio comes into her bedroom to talk to her and says that the visitors are gone, but that the entire family is worried about everything that happened to her in the past.

Isabela invents a story that she can not tell who the bandits were, because she was blindfolded all the time and does not want to talk about it.

Flávia and Pastor Augusto want Manuela to participate in the play. Regina decides that she will not do anything about getting Isabela back, because she believes Isabela will not do anything that will be foolish enough to jeopardize her inheritance.

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Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Vaz siblings prepare to head out to look for Isabela, with Felipe not quite getting the meaning of "not being away from each other beyond a 12 metres radius" but at least he is very worried because he cannot imagine his goddess Isabela being lost for long. Thus, they start the search.

Isabela is calling out for help and getting agitated at no one coming to her rescue. It is annoying her as she calls out for Joaquim and Julia - even Felipe! But she has no other choice. Realizing that no one is coming to her aid, she has to be strong as she declares herself smart enough to get herself out of any situation without any drama.

Manuela's friends are talking about Omar and how he is so nosy and such a bully, with Mateus especially saying that those are the reasons that they cannot be friends with him. Otávio is taking a walk around the village when he sees the trio and tells them that he is keeping himself busy as Rebeca is busy over at the atelier. He checks out a quartet of boys playing ball and tells kids that they should join them. Mateus and Dóris are thrilled with the idea, but Téo says he will cheer for them as he cannot play, but Otávio will have none of that, since even he needs to have fun. He tells  Téo that as long as he can hear their voices and follow their sounds, he will be just fine. With that, they approach the boys who gladly welcome them for a head to head ball game.

HARAS: Omat is with Sabrina telling her about Manuela's friends and how they are hiding something. He is sure because he heard them talking about woods and how they mentioned the name Felipe. At first. Sabrina thought it could be a friend of theirs, but realises that she has never heard the name Felipe. Omar then suggests that Sabrina spies on them, and she thinks this will be fun. Flora brings Omar a sandwich and he says it looks nothing like what he wants. She tells him that many children would die just to have that sandwich but he could care less and sends her off very rudely. Sabrina is about to say something but Omar tells her to shut up!

ALENCAR HOUSE: Beijoca sees Tuntum below a stool and calls out to him. He compliments the house being clean and Beijoca's bowl as well being super clean. André comes into the living room and picks Tuntum up, telling him that his sister will be angry if he messes with Beijoca and he wouldn't want his mother bumping into him. Just then, Alicia walks into the living room, asking André if he has seen another sock she is looking for and he says no. She asks him what he is hiding and he says it is nothing, walking out very fast.

As soon as he leaves his apartment, he bumps into Meire, who tells him that she knows his friends have gone to open up a new headquarters of the trinity to annihilate the entire human race. Bartolomeu can hear a rat's sound and finally sees Tuntum. They are introduced although Bartolomeu has already started thinking of ways on how to feast on him, making Tuntum very scared, as Meire leaves with him.

The kids and Otávio come to the ice cream parlor all sweaty and tired but happy to have won a football game. Fiorina is more surprised when she hears that Téo also played football with them and even hugs him and kisses him. She then proceeds to serve them all ice cream.

Navarro and Vargas are closing in on the Agnes home. Vargas begs for just a minute to get some ice cream as he is very hungry, but Navarro won't let him. He takes an apple and slits it, giving a hungry Vargas a really small piece. He is impatient and really wants to get Isabela. Vargas agrees by seeing the have to finally do something to impress Regina.

The kids enjoy their ice cream and they tell ávio he should be around more often so that they can play more football. He is very sweaty and tells them he has nothing in the village and even has to go back to the city. Fiorina tells him to relax and calls Pedro who gets agitated as soon as he sees Otávio. She tells her son to lend him some clothes and even show him to the bathroom to take a shower. Otávio thinks it is an intrusion, but Fiorina insists.

Helena is with Flávia at home, checking over the clothes Rebeca brought and she even tells her friend that she can ask her for clothes at any time if she needs any. Flávia is sure that Pedro will like her change of wardrobe (she mentions Joel as well) but Helena is beginning to give up on Pedro, especially since he always shows her that he likes Rebeca. She then asks her friend to help her put an outfit together.

Isabela gets tired of calling out for help and starts to realize that no one is likely to find her. As she needs a place to sleep and keep warm, she decides it is time to put all the things she saw in reality TV to practice and make a fire, as well as set up camp.

As Manu's friends enjoy their ice cream, Sabrina comes in under the pretext of wanting to rehearse her lines with them, and tries to get some information concerning their time missing from the village.

Isabela is very impressed with her work and finishes off the the tent with banana leaves to cover it up.

The Vaz siblings still cannot find Isabela, much to Felipe's sadness. Julia comforts him by telling him that they will find his "annoying goddess" soon. They continue to search relentlessly for Isabela.

At the Agnes home, Rebeca and Nina are setting up the table. She asks Rebeca if Otávio is coming to have dinner with them and Rebeca replies that he said he was coming back hasn't returned since he went for his walk. Just then, Otávio and Pedro appear with the former saying Pedro lent him some clothes. Rebeca and he share a kiss much to Pedro's annoyance and Nina convinces him to have dinner with them after Helena, looking gorgeous in some new ON-DONNA clothes (which Pedro ruins the mood after saying he prefers her without flashy clothes and makeup) hands him some things. They sit down, ready to dig in.

Navarro and Vargas park near the Agnes home and the former insists that they will stay outside the house until the time they can get Isabela. Vargas can smell the aroma of a week cooked meal and makes Navarro smell Navarro feels hungry as well.

Beijoca and Tuntum talk and he promises to not let Bartolomeu hurt her though Beijoca warns him to be careful. It is clear they really like other, but their flirting is spoilt by André who comes to get him and takes him to his room.

Meire thinks about hiring a full-time doorman to find out when Flora enters and leaves the condominium.She very deviously gives the responsibility of Dinho and this amuses Bartolomeu to the fullest. 

It is night time and the Vaz brothers still haven't found Isabela. Joaquim decides to text Mateus by cell phone informing him that Isabela playing Manuela got lost . 

As he is driving back to the city, Otávio chooses a shortcut and gets the car stalled in thick mud. Meanwhile, Isabela has been caught up by a deadly looking snake and to escape, she climbs a tree. At first, she feels safe - that is, until she hears the sound of an animal and falls of the tree. The fall hurts her badly and she starts to shout for help as she weakens!

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Uploaded on December 16th last year, João Guilherme's track "Nosso Som" is a pop banger that infuses elements of partial RnB and Electro pop that is a testament to his flourishing music careeer, as seen in the telenovela, Friends to the Rescue in his Joaquim role.

Click here to play Nosso Som and subscribe to João Guilherme's YouTube channel.

Episode 118

The rehearsal of the play is getting along smoothly with Pastor Augusto and Ms. Flávia overseeing everything.
Seeing as Rebeca is going to be staying a while in the Dream village to help Clara out at the atelier, Dóris takes advantage of the situation to get Otávio to go with her and watch the rehearsal of the play, which Pastor Augusto finds nice.
After fishing for some hours, Joaquim prepares some fish that they have caught for their meal. His siblings enjoy but Isabela is skeptical and not even willing to taste a bit of that fish, but seeing as she has no other choice, she eats a bit of it, and surprisingly finds it good to a point she tells Joaquim to save her some more.
Unfortunately, Regina finally came across Tuntum in Manuela's arms and used him as leverage to blackmail Manuela into telling her where Isabela went off to.
At first, Manuela is not willing to talk but when Regina has Tuntum put into a box, and threatens to kill him, Manuela decides to talk and spills that Isabela is going to the Dream Village...and of course, Regina was lying about not having Tuntum killed...
Geraldo, on the other hand, made a surprise visit to Safira over at ON-Enterprise. Safira is angry at him for coming over and he is very angry about how she stormed into Regina's house. Safira makes it clear that she does not want priscila having anything to do with his family members.
Just then Priscila texts her and tells her she is outside ON-Enterprise. Both of them are shocked and decide hastily that Safira will go down and talk to her, then Geraldo can leave the building after a few minutes.
When she gets into the elevator, Frederico comes just as Geraldo is waiting his turn. He and Lurdinha wonder who he is and Fred assumes this could be a rebound for Safira. Lurdinha is not really convinced but Fred hopes that it is true so that Safira can get over Otávio and leave him and Rebeca in peace.
She goes out and gets Priscila, drags her aside and asks her what she wants. Geraldo leaves without being seen by anyone except Safira and Priscila tells her mother to make up with her grandparents but Safira isn't willing to and Priscila finally agrees that she really did waste her time coming to see her as she is very much insensitive.
Regina calls for Ofélio. She wants him to dispose off the rat saying that all rodents and small critters are proof that God does not exist - at least not the God that everyone likes to talk about it.
As soon as she leaves to take a shower (she is disgusted at having to carry the box that Tuntum was in), Ofélio checks on him and tells him that he will take him to a safer place.
Meire comes to Vicente's house and finds Alicia at home. She asks her where she could find the Vaz siblings. Alicia tells her that the record label gifted them with a trip for their performance. Meire tells Alicia to get her a cup of coffee as they have a long conversation ahead of them.
Felipe gets a pile of bananas which he says he "hunted" for and they enjoy as Julia promptly corrects him and tells him that since they are not animals, bananas cannot be hunted.
Meire tells Alicia that the children did not go for their intended trip and knows for a fact that the children were at a national park. And she makes sure to mention the fact that they had four other children with them, whom she did not know. She leaves Alicia worried and this makes André call Joaquim and ask him to pretend as if he is having fun so that Alicia cannot be suspicious.
Manuela's friends are thinking of what to send to Joaquim and his siblings. Téo tells Mateus to tell them that the village is peaceful and nothing's happening, thus they can come. Omar comes over and asks them what they are talking about and they pretend that nothing is going on but he says that he knows they are up to something since he heard the name "Felipe". He makes a bad joke about them going to hell since they are not telling the truth and Mateus is quick to tell him that only bullies like him are going to hell. With that, they leave.
Joaquim tells the rest that Rebeca is okay and the village is peaceful thus they can head there the next morning. Felipe is distraught that the and Isabela will be separated, while Isa isn't as enthusiastic to get to the village. Joaquim doesn't mind telling them that do not really know what they want in life.
Manuela is in the bedroom crying because she believes herself to be a bad friend since she put Tuntum in Regina's hands and a bad sister since she sold out isabela. She does not want anybody to get hurt.
Ofélio takes Tuntum to André and asks the young boy to take care of him. The latter promises to look after Tuntum until this friends return.
Joaquim goes to get some firewood and Isabela is complaining about the mosquitoes. Julia is irritated and Felipe tries to comfort Isabela, who decides to just stand up and go help Joaquim.
Geraldo comes to see Regina and tells her that he does not want Priscil visiting again. He claims it is because the girl thinks she has privileges notw, although Regina isn't convinced Geraldo would get worked up because of Priscila not knowing her place, but she brushes that aside and informs Geraldo that Isabela has gone to the village.
Manuela is very much distressed in her bedroom, recalling how she had to hand over Tuntum to Regina. Ofélio comes into her room with a plate of food for her to eat, but she is not even hungry, She cannot get over the fact that it is because of her Tuntum will be eliminated and Isabela will be found by Regina, but the former tells her that Regina asked him to dispose of Tuntum and he immediately took the rat to Andé to look after him and Manuela suddenly feels happy and is ready to eat.
André tells Tuntum he will take care of him and even gets him some cheese. Tuntum can see the house is small than the Junqueira mansion but he would rather be here than in a huge house with no love.
At the Junqueira mansion, Regina tells Geraldo that Isabela is in the village. She knows this because she pressured Manuela, by using the rat that has been wandering around the village. Geraldo is also surprised to find out that the rat belongs to Manuela. He tells Regina that he will send Navarro and Vargas to the village and with any luck, they will get to Isabela very fast.
As he nibbles on his cheese, Lola comes in and shrieks at the sight of him, but her brother immediately covers her mouth. He tells her that Tuntum belongs to Isabela and at first Lola does not believe it as she cannot imagine Isabela having a rat as a pet, but he promises it is the truth and they have to take care of Tuntum. Lola promises to keep her mouth shut and introduces Tuntum to Beijoca - the two get along just fine.
While in the woods, Joaquim comes back with the firewood just as Felipe is fanning Julia with a banana branch. They ask for Isabela and it suddenly becomes clear that Isabela is lost.

Isabela calls out to Joaquim as she cannot find any firewood, then realizes that she may be lost in the woods.

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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Episode 116

The children finally separate and it is decided that Manuela's friends shall go on their own back to the village, while Isabela playing Manuela will go with the Vaz siblings.

Sabrina decides to handcuff herself to Omar in an effort to prevent them from being kidnapped. Unfortunately, she forgot where she left the key, irritating Omar way more than he already is, but she decides to show him the cool things that the handcuffs can do, such as make an alert sound when danger strikes.

Safira arrives irritably at Regina's mansion and orders Priscila to go home with her.
Téo, Mateus and Dóris find a phone as soon as they leave the woods. The three friends make a call from the payphone to Clara.

When Clara picks up the phone, she cries upon hearing her daughter's voice. The couple decide to head out to get their children from where they are and even tell Fiorina and Giuseppe, who celebrate. Everyone, including Pedro, Helena and even Nico agree with going to get the children.

Joaquim is annoyed with the photos he saw of Manuela and André looking flirty with each other. Priscila and Safira argue about what she has put the former through by dragging her out of the Junqueira mansion in that manner.

Meire and Dinho are desperate when they realize that they are lost in the woods. Navarro and Vargas listen to Meire's distress calls. Fortunato tells Safira to leave from home after the episode she has put Priscila through.

The guards appear without clothes and Meire asks for help from them, who explain that thieves stole their clothes. Téo, Mateus and Dóris find their parents again while Meire and Dinho decide to finally leave the woods.

Episode 117

Manuela asks Ofélio to look for Tumtum before Regina kills the mouse.
A Werewolf appears in the woods and scares Isabela and the Vaz brothers, who are in a tent. Felipe throws the bag out of the tent to the werewolf.
Rebeca sings at the ice cream parlor to greet the children and welcome them back home safe and sound.

Otávio arrives at the village and is already in the ice cream parlor just as soon as she has finished singing and Pedro even makes fun of him, saying he has missed Rebeca's singing. Otávio teases Rebeca, telling her he would like her to sing to him and only for him, making Pedro even more jealous, much to Helena's annoyance and Flávia tells her that soon he will realize what he has been missing out on .

Ofélio leaves the door of the secret passage open. Regina discovers the passage where Isabela entered the mansion: She realizes that she has been deceived the entire time. The woman is enraged and quarrels with Manuela, who swears she did not know anything.

Otávio sleeps for the first time in Rebecca's house, but on the couch.
In an effort to feed themselves. the children decide to hunt their own food.
Rebecca gives Otávio a neck and back massage in the morning since he has pains from sleeping on the couch.

Priscila is sad that Fortunato forbade her mother from coming home.

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